Arts Academy

We are Houston's premiere institution of Indian classical arts, committed to providing exemplary, holistic, and affordable arts education, while also molding students into well-rounded, artistically sensitive, and culturally refined individuals.


From its origins in the temples of the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu, this classical dance form is widely practiced across the globe today.

Carnatic Music

Our music programs include classes in vocal and violin in the Carnatic style of music, as well as nattuvangam (vocal percussive accompaniment for dance).



Grace, intricate footwork, and rapid spins are hallmarks of this dance form, which originated in Northern India and integrates Indian and Persian influences.


A fast-paced, dramatic and dynamic classical dance form from the southern state of Andhra Pradesh.



A graceful, soft, and fluid dance form from the eastern Indian state of Odisha, presented in collaboration with Kalaangan School of Odissi.

Student gallery