Administrative office:

3201 Allen Parkway Ste. 150, Houston TX 77019


2014 E. Broadway, Pearland TX 77581

747 N Shepherd Dr, Houston TX 77007

Indian classical dance, the bedrock of Silambam's programming, is a complex and nuanced dance language that is thousands of years old. With intricate footwork, sculpturesque poses, captivating facial and body language, breathtaking costumes, and beautiful melodic and percussive accompaniments, Indian classical dance combines several artistically stimulating experiences into a single performance art.


 At Silambam, we believe in passing on the rich and ancient artistic heritage of India in its most pristine form, through our arts academy.


We also believe in harnessing the immense versatility of Indian arts to connect with diverse audiences, through our unique dance company productions.


And, we believe in educating audiences and enriching communities through our workshops, demonstrations, master classes, and other outreach activities.

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